The Street of Art

Gwangju Art Street is aimed at developing Gwangju’s traditional art scene through exhibition of local work. The street is 300m long and located behind Jungang Elementary School, nearby Gwangju Dongbu Police Station. Items commonly found here include Korean fine art such as paintings, ceramics, writings, and industrial art.

Every Saturday, an art flea market famous for its unique pieces is held here. People from all over the nation gather to display items that include old calligraphy materials, collector coins, stone hairbrushes, Chinaware, wooden sculptures, folk drawings, classic books, ink, and incense burners. Part of the attraction is the stories the collectors share with each part of their collection. Enjoy the many shows and exhibitions that draw regular crowds to this famous road.


The Mudeung art exhibit operates according to districts, and functions as a cultural festival as well. The outdoor exhibition was built in February 1995, and is open throughout the day. The large exhibition space has 32 booths and regularly holds special exhibits. Many regional cultural treasures are also on display here. Every Saturday, the Street of Fine Arts is blocked from traffic, and people gather to share and enjoy art culture. Gwangju Summer Universiade will be held this summer, 2015

Address: 24, Yesul-gil, Dong-gu, Gwangju